General Specification

Flowflex End Feed Fittings, manufactured in both Copper and Bronze, are a fast, reliable and economic method of joining BS EN 1057 copper tube.

End Feed Fittings connect to copper tube through the process of capillary action with solder forming an easy, effective joint between the fitting and the tube. They are lightweight for easy handling and lend themselves well to confined environments due to their compact sizing.


Flowflex operates a quality management system audited by the British Standards Institute for the manufacture and supply of fittings and components for use in all applications of the HVAC industry.

Flowflex reserve the right to alter the product ranges and specifications associated with its products without prior notice

Working Conditions

Typical soldering alloys Maximum temperature (°C) Maximum pressures for nominal diameters (BAR)
6mm < 34mm 34mm < 54mm 54mm < 108mm
Lead/tin 50/50% or 60/40% 30 16 16 10
65 10 10 6
110 6 6 4
Tin/silver 95/5% 30 25 25 16
65 25 16 16
110 16 10 10
Tin/copper Cu 3% Max 0.4% min. Remainder Sn 30 25 25 16
65 25 16 16
110 16 10 10
Silver/Copper Cadmium-Free 55% to 40% Ag

Silver with Cadmium 30% - 40% Ag

Copper/Phospherous 94/6% or Copper/Phospherous with 2% Silver 92/6/2%
30 25 25 16
65 25 16 16
110 16 10 10

Intermediate pressure ratings to be obtained by interpolation.

Soldering alloys with lead and brazing alloys with cadmium are not permitted in installations for water for human consumption

Electrical Continuity

Equipotential Bonding forms an important part of an installation, which ensures that all metalwork may be earthed or at least has the same potential to reduce the risk of equipment damage and personal injury. Isolated fittings or valves are not required to be bonded.

Flowflex Copper Fittings provide guaranteed electrical continuity when correctly assembled with EN1057 Copper Tube.

After all plumbing work has been completed, always ensure continuity checks are conducted by a qualified electrician in accordance with regulations (BS 7671).